Terms and Conditions: Free Energy Audit for GB Businesses

  1. Terms and Conditions:

The GB NRG Ltd free energy audit scheme (“the Scheme”) is subject to the below terms and conditions. GB NRG retains the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the provision of the Scheme at any time without prior notice.

  1. Application:

To apply for a free energy audit, businesses must either fill out the form below or email the below information to energyaudit@gbnrg.co.uk

  1. Scope of Energy Audit:

The free energy audits that GB NRG carries out aim to assess the energy consumption patterns and needs of the participating business. The audit will analyse the business energy usage, and other relevant factors to determine the optimal size of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system suited to the business’s energy requirements. The business will be provided with a recommended solar PV system (which may or may not include an element of battery storage) to maximise the theoretical returns on their investment based on the information provided to GB NRG. GB NRG will also provide a quotation for the supply and installation of such recommended system. The audit does not include the installation of a solar PV system or any associated costs. The applicant is not required to accept the quotation.

  1. Eligibility/Acceptance:

GB NRG will review all applications received and will accept those that meet its eligibility criteria which include but are not limited to:

  • The property or land to be assessed must be in Great Britain.
  • Applicant businesses must have completed / provided all information marked as mandatory in the application form.

The selection and acceptance process will be carried out by GB NRG at its absolute discretion and the submission of an application form shall be considered an offer by the applicant for GB NRG to carry out a free energy audit on its proposed property/land. GB NRG will only be obliged to perform the audit for those applications which it accepts. GB NRG reserves the right to disregard application forms that are incomplete, inaccurate, or found or suspected to be fraudulent.

  1. Notification of acceptance for the Audit:

Accepted businesses will be contacted before 31 March 2024 via email to the email address provided in the application form. Businesses must respond within 10 business days to confirm they would still like GB NRG to proceed with the free energy audit. Failure to respond within the specified period may result in the business being deselected from the Scheme by GB NRG.

  1. Audit performance and presentation:

Once GB NRG has all the information it needs and the applicant has confirmed they wish GB NRG to proceed, the free audit will be carried out. The applicant will arrange a meeting (either online or in person) between GB NRG and the relevant financial investment decision maker at the business (if that is not the contact that submitted the application). GB NRG will present the results of the audit at that meeting and answer any questions that the business may have.

  1. Data Protection and Privacy:

Personal information collected for the purpose of the energy audit will be used solely for administering the audit and will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent.

  1. Liability Limitation:

GB NRG shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from participation in this scheme or the use of its findings.

  1. Governing Law:

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

By submitting an application form to GB NRG to participate in the Scheme, businesses agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

If you require any assistance, contact our team and we will be happy to help.