Do you need planning permission for solar panels?
We offer successful renewable energy solutions for your business which start with strategic consultation and detailed project planning.
solar for business

do you need planning permission for solar panels?

Introduction to Planning for Commercial Solar

We work hard to ensure that your renewable energy system is the right solution for your business.  The first step is to undertake an energy audit to analyse your specific energy consumption demands and patterns to guide system sizing for optimal output.  An on-site assessment is then undertaken to determine roof suitability, shading analysis and optimal panel placement.

We can also support with regulatory compliance and financial planning, obtaining any required planning and building regulation approvals and providing advice on cost analysis, grants, tax.

System Design and Engineering Considerations when Planning for Commercial Solar

Our experienced design and engineering team tailor system layouts taking into account structural integrity and electrical connections.  They also deal with project programming/timelines, logistics and contractor coordination to ensure a seamless installation.

Once installed, performance can be tracked by monitoring systems and regular maintenance schedules can help to sustain the long-term efficiency of the system.


HOW WE CAN HELP with Planning for Commercial Solar

We aid businesses in securing planning permission by offering expertise and comprehensive support. Our team conduct site assessments, crafting detailed proposals aligned with local regulations and aesthetic concerns. Collaborating with architects and engineers, we design systems ensuring minimal visual impact and adhering to zoning guidelines.

Our experience in navigating permit applications, addressing environmental impact, and conducting community consultations bolsters approval prospects. Presenting compelling cases highlighting energy efficiency benefits, reduced carbon emissions, and long-term sustainability aligns proposals with planning goals. Expert guidance, meticulous planning, and persuasive presentations from these companies significantly enhance a business’s path to obtaining planning permission for solar installations

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