An Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) is a comprehensive approach used in the construction industry, especially for large-scale projects like commercial solar installations. It stands for:

  • Engineering: The design and planning phase, where we figure out the best way to set up your solar system.
  • Procurement: The process of purchasing all the necessary equipment and materials needed for your project.
  • Construction: The actual building and installation phase.
engineering procurement and construction

what is an epc?

Engineering Procurement and Construction: Your Path to Solar Success

If you’ve been considering installing solar power for your business, you’ve likely encountered the term “engineering procurement and construction” (EPC). But what does it really mean? And why is it so important for your solar panel installation? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

The importance of Engineering, procurement and construction

Why is Engineering Procurement and Construction Important for Solar Installations?

When it comes to solar panel installations, using an EPC company can significantly streamline the process. Here’s how each component contributes to a successful solar project:


This is the foundation of your solar installation. Our team will assess your site, considering factors like roof structure, sun exposure, and local regulations. We then create detailed plans that ensure your solar system will be efficient and effective. Good engineering means your system will produce maximum power and last for many years.


Our procurement specialists secure high-quality solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and other necessary components at the best prices. We leverage our relationships with manufacturers to get quality, reliable equipment, ensuring your system’s longevity and performance. Effective procurement helps keep the project within budget and on schedule.


This is where the plan comes to life. Our skilled technicians install the panels and all related equipment, ensuring everything is connected correctly and safely. Our installation team then ensures that the installation meets the correct specifications and that the system performs as designed. We handle everything from mounting the panels to wiring and system testing.

engineering procurement and construction
engineering procurement and construction

The benefits of engineering, procurement and construction

Benefits of Choosing us as an Engineering Procurement and Construction Company for Your Solar Installation

Choosing GB NRG for your solar installation comes with several key benefits:

  1. Simplified Process: With GB NRG handling everything from start to finish, you avoid the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors. This means less stress and fewer chances for miscommunication.
  2. Cost Efficiency: We can often negotiate better prices for equipment and materials due to our established relationships with suppliers. We also ensure that the project stays on budget by accurately estimating costs from the beginning.
  3. Quality Assurance: Because we are responsible for the entire project, we are highly motivated to maintain high standards throughout. This leads to better quality installations and more reliable solar systems.
  4. Faster Completion: With all phases managed under one roof, GB NRG can streamline timelines and avoid delays. This means your solar system gets up and running more quickly, allowing you to start saving on energy costs sooner.


WHY YOU NEED Engineering, procurement and construction

Switching to solar power is a smart move for both the environment and your wallet. By choosing GB NRG to handle your installation, you can ensure the process is smooth, cost-effective, and successful. You’ll benefit from expert design, quality materials, and professional construction, resulting in a reliable solar system that meets your energy needs for years to come.

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