Solar financing for businesses, ensuring affordability and sustainability

solar panel finance for businesses

Solar Panel Financing for Businesses

Introduction to Solar Panel Financing

GB NRG collaborates with top UK financial institutions, delivering competitive finance solutions for solar panels and clean energy technologies. Our offerings span asset finance, hire purchase, and solar PV power purchase agreements (PPAs), tailored to your business needs.

Understanding Solar Panel Financing

Through our consultative approach, we guide you on available grants and conduct detailed economic efficiency calculations via a complimentary desktop survey. This ensures clarity on your breakeven point, repayment structure, and overall profitability. Get in touch today for a free solar panel survey, aligning your business with sustainable energy and financial viability.

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Types of solar panel finance for businesses

Self Financing

Opt for self-financing, the prime choice for commercial solar panels, promising optimal returns and reduced payback periods.

Additionally, businesses may offset up to £100,000 of their investment in tax using the annual investment allowance.

GB NRG provides consultancy services to explore your entitlements.

Asset Financing

GB NRG collaborates with trusted finance partners, offering sensible asset finance options for businesses. At times, asset finance payments could be lower than electricity savings, potentially making your business immediately cash positive.

Solar Panel Financing for Businesses


Another Option: Solar Panel Financing for Businesses

A power purchase agreement (PPA) stands as a top choice for financing commercial solar panels.

Meeting specific criteria for energy usage and roof space qualifies you for a free solar PV installation financed by a PPA provider. The electricity generated is sold back to you at a rate lower than your current prices, resulting in substantial bill savings and full solar PV benefits for your business.

Go to our PPA page to find out more.

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