Commercial rooftop solar

Large-scale, commercial solar installers for efficient, cost-effective commercial solar energy production.

commercial rooftop solar

Commercial Rooftop Solar

The Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar panels offer businesses the following benefits: financial savings, environmental stewardship, and enhanced public image. Financially, they greatly reduce energy bills and even generate revenue by selling excess power. Environmentally, they shrink carbon footprints, requiring no additional land use and emitting zero emissions.

Additionally, they improve public relations by showcasing a commitment to sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious consumers. In summary, commercial solar panels provide a compelling case for businesses, offering savings, sustainability, positive branding, and government support—all while potentially yielding long-term returns on investment.

The Cost of rooftop solar

How affordable is Commercial Rooftop Solar

Costs fluctuate due to several factors such as system size, component quality, and installation intricacy. Typically, larger systems incur higher costs.

The price of Commercial Rooftop Solar

In the UK, the cost of an installation can vary, with larger setups often costing less per kWp. These variations highlight the importance of careful consideration and tailored planning when investing in commercial solar solutions. We can help you understand the cost dynamics so that you can make an informed decision that aligns with your financial objectives and sustainability goals.

commercial rooftop solar


commercial solar installers

Experienced Commercial Solar Installers

Our specialised solar installation team is adept at installing solar panels atop industrial structures like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. These installations are notably larger to accommodate the heightened energy requirements of industrial operations.

Industrial solar rooftop setups yield a plethora of advantages, including cost reduction, sustainability enhancement, and bolstered reputation for environmental stewardship. By harnessing solar energy to generate their own electricity, industrial enterprises can diminish their dependence on grid power and potentially achieve significant savings on energy expenses.

Installing Commercial Rooftop Solar

Additionally, transitioning to solar power underscores a commitment to sustainability, which can resonate positively with stakeholders, clients, and the broader community, further bolstering a company’s reputation as a responsible environmental steward.

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Benefits of commercial rooftop solar

commercial rooftop solar


Produce and store cost-free, sustainable energy on-site, enhancing your financial bottom line with potential savings of up to 100% on electricity expenses

commercial rooftop solar


Secure electricity at a fixed unit price before usage, project your long-term energy expenses, and shield your business from potential rises in utility prices

commercial rooftop solar


Employ sustainable, clean energy to neutralise your corporate carbon footprint, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and minimise pollution

commercial rooftop solar


An average commercial solar panel system offers free electricity for over 25 years, yields returns exceeding 12% annually, and recoups installation costs in 6-8 years

commercial rooftop solar


A standard commercial solar panel system produces free electricity for over 25 years, with installation costs recouped in approximately 3-5 years

commercial rooftop solar


Produce and store your energy, diminish dependence on the National Grid, shielding your business from potential rationing and brownouts

// FAQs

Is my roof suitable for Solar Panels?

A solar installer can assess your roof’s suitability for solar panels based on factors such as orientation, tilt, shading, structural integrity, and local regulations.

What are the benefits of Rooftop Solar?

Benefits of rooftop solar include cost savings on electricity bills, reduced reliance on grid power, lower carbon emissions, increased property value, and energy independence.

How much is a Commercial Solar System?

The cost of a commercial solar system varies depending on factors such as size, location, system components, and installation requirements.

Are there any rooftop requirements for an installation of Solar?

Yes, rooftop solar installations require adequate roof space, proper orientation (south-facing is optimal in the Northern Hemisphere), minimal shading, and a structurally sound roof capable of supporting the weight of solar panels.


Optimise commercial solar efficiency with a thorough energy audit for peak performance.

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