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Euro One Airship

Euro Airship, a French company, embarks on a groundbreaking mission to circle the Earth using a solar-powered airship, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly travel.

Innovative Airship

The aim is to complete the round-the-world journey in under a month, relying solely on solar energy.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Equipped with solar panels, the airship captures sunlight to power its batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, enabling continuous flight day and night.

Purpose Beyond Adventure

French aerobatic pilot Dorine Bourneton stresses that the project serves a technological purpose beyond mere adventure.

Decades of Dedication

Euro Airship has self-financed research and development for two decades, with a recent partnership with Capgemini accelerating the project.

Catalyzing Sustainable Air Transport – Solar Airship

Corinne Jouanny from Capgemini Engineering underscores the project’s role in fostering sustainable air transport solutions.

Construction and Journey Plans for Solar Airship

Construction begins this year, with the non-stop journey scheduled for 2026.

Part of a Promising Trend

Euro Airship’s initiative aligns with a growing trend towards eco-friendly airships, contributing to a greener future in air travel.

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