Net Zero
Embracing the Future: Achieving Sustainable Success

Net Zero – Urgent Call to Action: Embrace the imperative to effectively combat global warming and nourish a cleaner future for our planet

What does ‘net zero’ mean?

Net zero, a term denoting the equilibrium between greenhouse gas emissions released and removed from the atmosphere, serves as a pivotal goal. The UK government has made a resolute pledge for the nation to achieve net zero by 2050. Consequently, businesses must embrace and invest in essential renewable energy sources like solar PV.

There are two different routes to achieving our goal, which work in tandem:

1. Reducing ongoing emissions
2. removing greenhouse gases

When the level of emissions removed from the atmosphere surpasses the level produced within the same period, we will attain the status of a territorial net zero emitter. Furthermore, as the level of emissions being produced decreases, the attainment of this status becomes increasingly feasible.​

Given that solar PV does not emit any emissions during electricity generation, it will undoubtedly emerge as a pivotal component in shaping a green future.

Net Zero
Net Zero

How we are working towards a cleaner future

By providing its services, GB NRG strives to enable a substantial net reduction of emissions not only in your business but also across the UK energy sector as a whole. This is achieved through the effective delivery of:


– to strengthen renewable energy capacity and effectively substitute the current carbon-intensive baseload generators, it is imperative to take decisive actions.


– to ensure the necessary flexibility demanded by the grid and simultaneously mitigate energy waste stemming from renewable energy generation during periods of low demand, it is crucial to implement measures.


– by facilitating opportunities for individuals, businesses, and regions, it becomes possible to empower them in making astute decisions regarding their vehicle usage.

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